Growmor is a triple bottom line company. We divert waste from landfills and make energy fertilizer and food from it. We train people with special needs and who are under-utilized and enable and empower them to overcome obstacles and make the most of their lives. We earn a high rate of return growing the best food and value adding it to a branded line of products that are unique.


Growmor is the exclusive licensee of the Sun State Organics "Waste To Taste" organic conversion system. The system enables people to convert organic waste into energy, fertilizer and food at less cost than conventional or current urban farming systems. Our system "Grows More" per square foot using our patented "Growpols" powered by our specially formulated "GrowPak" nutrients. We do more than just grow great food.


Through education and training on sustainable agriculture (Agrication), Growmor's vision is to change the way people eat by creating a closed loop system for growing organic vegetables from soil fertilization, germination through harvesting. Our Vision is a world with expanding food varieties that are bursting with flavor and excite people instead of bland dishes that taste the same way no matter where you go.



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